General Building Rental Information

Deposit: The deposit is in addition to the rental fee.  A deposit is required for each building reserved and will be refunded after the event (less any fees for additional equipment, propane, damage, etc.)  If the event is cancelled the deposit is forfeited.  All rental fees must be paid 30 days prior to the event, or the event is subject to cancellation.  Fire Marshall Permit & Fees may apply.

Set-up/Tear-down: All tables and chairs requested will be placed in the building prior to renter set-up.  Renter is responsible for the set-up of all tables and chairs.  After the event, renter is responsible for removal of ALL decorations and food, placing garbage in provided containers, and cleaning the kitchen.  Tables and chairs shall be left standing.  The renter may rent the building to use as a set-up day (as available); all buildings are $100 per set up day.

Miscellaneous: Trash is included in rental price (ONE (1) Fair dumpster).  If over, a charge of $60 per dumpster will be deducted from deposit.

Sale of Food & Beverages: 25% of the gross sales is required from the sale of food and beverages.  All renters and vendors selling food and beverages are required to have an insurance certificate and contract on file with the Administration Office.  (THIS IS NOT APPLICABLE IF MEAL IS INCLUDED IN TICKET PRICE OF AN EVENT)

Sale of Alcoholic Beverages: 25% of the gross sales is required from the sale of all alcoholic beverages.  Alcohol pre-approval, ABC License, and Liquor Liability Insurance is required for all events SELLING alcohol.  Verification of drink sales either by cash register tape or Fairgrounds-assigned drink tickets.

Insurance: All events are required to have Public Liability Insurance.  A certificate of insurance is required on file in the Administration Office prior to event.  CFSA Insurance can be purchased at the Administration Office, which will include a $10 Administration Fee.

The Mother Lode Fair (29th District Agricultural Association) will charge users of credit cards/debit cards a convenience fee of 3.5% to cover operating costs.  Customers will be informed of all charges and fees before authorizing credit card/debit card payment.  Customers will have the option to pay by check and/or cash without an additional fee.