Exhibitors interested in showing and selling Market Beef at the 2024 Mother Lode Fair must attend the Fair’s mandatory preweigh, scheduled for Saturday, February 17th at Gardella’s Ranch in Jamestown.  Exhibitors need to send an email to livestock@mlfair.com with their name, if they will be bringing 1 or 2 animals, and should also note if somebody else will be hauling their animal(s) for them.  Deadline for requesting an appointment is February 1, 2024.  The preweigh appointment schedule will be released on February 2, 2024.

This is a mandatory preweigh and all exhibitors are required to attend with their animal.  Exhibitors who are unable to attend must submit a written request to the Mother Lode Fair CEO at 220 Southgate Dr., Sonora, CA 95370, or by email to ceo@mlfair.com.  Written request needs to include the reason for the request as well as who will be responsible for bringing their animal to preweigh.  Written requests must be received prior to the preweigh on February 17th.